About SQLServerVideos.com

An OverAchiever Production

SQL Server Videos (SSV) is an OverAchiever Production.

OverAchiever Productions, LLC. is owned and operated by Michael K. Campbell and is dedicated to SQL Server Consulting, mentoring, and quality solutions.

Site Goals

SSV was designed to provide high-quality SQL Server instructional videos and tutorials at no charge.

Video sponsorships and on-site advertisements help make this site possible.

Content Goals

Each video on SSV was designed to tackle a single, targeted, task in order to give users easy access to relevant materials that they can leverage without having to sift through content that they don't need.

For viewers interested in learning about more than just a single, isolated, task, SSV provides a number of different video Serieseses - along with comprehensive linking and cross-referencing to related topics.

Each video on the site also features links to accompanying source code (if present), a transcript of the text in each video (to make searches easier), and links to additional, external, resources such as web-sites, books, and other content that provide viewers with access to other content that can meet their needs.

SQL Server Consulting

If you need help solving any of your SQL Server needs, make sure to visit SQL Server Video's sister site: SQL Server Audits - which offers a range of professional SQL Server consulting services.