Frequently Asked Questions

Are Videos Really Free?

Videos and downloads are available free of charge for end-users.

But they're hardly free. All resources on this site are the result of considerable effort on the part of the site's owner and on the part of authors. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that each MINUTE of video on this site typically represents at least an hour's worth of work (including the time it takes to plan, 'shoot', edit, and produce each video).

Authors and presentors on SSV are compensated through ad revenues generated on the site and by video sponsorships. As such, videos and resources on SSV really aren't free. By using SSV's videos and other resources you are helping make them possible - as long as you're accessing these resources on If you're not, then SSV isn't generating ad impressions, and the authors and creators of the content you are using aren't getting compensated.

Copyrighted materials provided on SSV are therefore governed by a set of terms of use - which strictly limit distribution rights at the sole discretion of

How does SSV Work?

Simple. You browse or search the site for videos that meet your needs. When you find something that you like, you can either watch it online in your browser, or download it for personal use. To learn how to best use the site, make sure to check out the video: How to use

Videos that you download are yours to keep - for as long as you want. All that is asked is that you don't redistribute SSV's copyrighted content. That's it.

What can I do to help?

One of the best things that you can do to help is Register. Registration is painless, Evil-Free™, and helps SSV know a bit more about users - which helps line up sponsors.

Otherwise, please tell everyone that you know about SSV, and feel free to provide honest feedback where you can - as it will help keep future content valuable and worth-while. You can also contact SSV if you have ideas for videos, or would like create content or advertise on the site.