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Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming

Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming

Author(s): Robert Vieira

Rating: 5 / 5

Summary: A must-have overview of key SQL Server 2000 concepts and principles - along with handy reference material in a well-written and easy to understand book. A real winner.

Review: One of my first 'real' SQL Server Books was Robert Vieira's 'Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming'. What I loved about it was how thorough it was given how comprehensive it's treatment of SQL was. With it I was able to learn all of the basics of authoring queries, and also gained great insights into properly writing sprocs and tackling more complex operations. Best of all, the author's presentation and tone were very approachable, and I found that the book struck a great balance between teaching concepts and principles while still managing to be a great reference book. (Pulling that off with a technical book is a rare feat.) With Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming, the author basically re-heats most of the material from his previous book, but adds in tons of additional content for new SQL Server 2000 features - matching his original quality, tone, and approachability - making this book a powerhouse. I highly recommend this book for beginner to intermediate audiences who are mostly focused on development (though the book does cover architecture and administration as well).


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