Videos by Skill-Level

All videos on SSV are broken donw into one of the 5 different skill-levels listed below:

+ 000 - Conceptual

Conceptual videos are intended for all audiences and provide high-level overviews of key SQL Server topics and concepts.

Total Videos: 7

Total Length: 01:11:15

+ 100 - Beginner

Level 100 videos are how-to videos targeted at beginners with little to no experience using SQL Server.

Total Videos: 9

Total Length: 01:30:27

+ 200 - Intermediate

Level 200 videos are how-to videos designed to help users who already have a decent grasp of SQL Server concepts move their skills and knowledge forward.

Total Videos: 9

Total Length: 01:27:52

+ 300 - Advanced

Level 300 videos provide advanced tips, tricks, insights, and guidance for experienced users of SQL Server who have a very solid grasp of general SQL Server topics.

Total Videos: 2

Total Length: 00:21:04

+ 400 - Guru

Level 400 videos are intended for seasoned DBAs and professional database developers who understand a great deal about SQL Server and who won't be intimidated by advanced topics.

Total Videos: 1

Total Length: 00:07:55