SQL Server Logging Essentials

SQL Server Logging Essentials

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Ever wonder what the log file is really for, and how it really works? This conceptual video highlights how the SQL Server Storage engine takes advantage of write-ahead logging functionality both to ensure data consistency and to optimize system performance. In this video you'll also learn why the log file is so important to data recovery operations and learn about best practices for managing log file sizes and keeping your databases operational.

This Video Covers

Log Files, Recovery, Backups, the SQL Server Storage Engine, and Transactions.


Video Length: 14:15
Skill Level: 000 - Overview
Series: SQL Server Backups
Author/Presenter: Michael K. Campbell
Applies to SQL Server: 2000, 2005, and 2008

Tags: Administration, Concepts, Log Files, Transactions, and Storage Engine


Analyst 8
DBA 50
Developer 20
Manager 22


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need internal storage of logfile

hari - November 26, 2008.

it is very good

subhankar sarkar - February 25, 2010.

can you please tell me with an example of what do you meant by allocation

chan - November 28, 2010.

Hey.. Nice vedio..Nice work.. Appreciable

Abhay Bajpai - December 08, 2011.

Muy buena y completa explicacion de los conceptos basicos del tema

elsa - May 01, 2013.

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