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Comments on (SSV) allow users to provide feedback about videos and ask questions or post additional insights about the topics being covered by a particular video. They're also a great place to discuss differences of opinion about what is being presented, or about what other users have said in the comments.

Please consider the following guidelines when posting:

  • Keep the language clean. This site is for IT professionals - so please help keep content SFW (Safe For Work) environments.
  • Foul, nasty, degrading, and other non-professional comments will not be approved.
  • If you post off-site links, please ensure that they are also SFW sites/links.
  • Feel free to point out innacuracies, differences of opinion, and different technical insights or even argue with authors and other commentors - just don't attack people or be a jerk.
  • If your comment is designed to demean or belittle someone else who has posted, don't bother.
  • If you are dumb enough to post illegal content (warez, threats, kiddie-pron, etc.), SSV will forward log records to the proper authorities.

Comment Moderation

All comments on SSV are moderated. This helps keep them spam free, and helps free readers from having to wade through offensive and useless comments.

Members who have demonstrated that they consistently provide insightful, beneficial, and non-spammy comments can become 'trusted' by the site to the point where their comments are approved immediately (though note that comments may be cached on the site). To become trusted, just register on the site, and then make a point to consistently post decent content, and your comments will become trusted as well.

Benevolent Dictatorship

The comments on SSV are designed to facilitate the free exchange of ideas - and to help promote better videos (in the future) as well as to help visitors improve their skills.

But SSV isn't a 'free country'.

Instead, it's a benevolent dicatatorship. It's also a site designed around gaining ad revenue and sponosorships. Therefore, if you have a problem with the site, the content, or even the sponsors feel free to express that if you can do so constructively. But be forewarned that if SSV administrators don't like what you're saying, your comments may be removed. As such, the best way to communicate a problem, concern, or gripe, is to use the site's contact page.