Using SQL Server Templates

Using SQL Server Templates

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If you don't know what SQL Server Templates are, then you're missing out on something that can really help you be more efficient when it comes to using SQL Server. And if you do know what they are, but aren't using them, then you should see what makes them so great. In this video you'll learn how to use, create, and manage them - in order to improve productivity.

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Code Reuse, T-SQL, SSMS, Query Analyzer, and Code Management.


Video Length: 07:09
Skill Level: 200 - Intermediate
Series: Tips and Tricks
Author/Presenter: Michael K. Campbell
Applies to SQL Server: 2000, 2005, and 2008

Tags: Tips and Tricks, Easy, Best Practices, Concepts, and T-SQL


Analyst 10
DBA 40
Developer 40
Manager 10


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Hmm.. I guess this level is necessary if you might be sihictwng versions in the transition, but I think you should be able to just take a mysqldump of the old DB and populate the database on the new server with that same data, and then just edit wp-config.php with the database name and login info and it should work. Least I've done this moving between websites and databases, admittedly on the same server, without any problems, but then again I have root access so maybe there are some things i'm taking for granted.Nice info though, I appreciate what you are doing with this site. I find myself using wordpress for just about everything I do these days so it's nice to know I can bug you with questions about this too :)-Matt

Pujiant - August 17, 2012.

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