Videos by Audience

All videos are rated according to how well they apply to Analysts, DBAs, Developers, and Managers.

Because videos may apply to more than one audience type, audience types are expressed as a (rough) weighted percentage of their applicability to each audience type. (Therefore a video might be 70% developer related, 20% DBA rates, and still have 10% applicability towards things that managers should know or watch out for.)

+ Analyst

Videos marked as applicable for Analysts typically tend to address BI-related topic - or querying topics and details useful in the creation of reports.

Total Videos: 3

Total Length: 00:23:33


Videos marked as applicable for DBAs typically focus on disaster recovery, availability, security, administration, and other management techniques.

Total Videos: 28

Total Length: 04:38:33

+ Developer

Videos targeted at developers typically focus on providing an overview for developers of what's available from a querying and functionality standpoint.

Total Videos: 28

Total Length: 04:38:33

+ Manager

Videos marked as applicable for managers provide insights and details about core SQL Server features and capabilities that managers should be aware of.

Total Videos: 17

Total Length: 03:00:11